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    DXDK750 Multi-lane Stick Packing Machine for Granule

    DXDK750 Multi-lane Stick Packing Machine for Granule


    DXDY750 Multilane Stick Packing Machine is a new generation of multilane stick packing machine of our company out of independent research and development and innovation stemmed from original technology with operation stability and reliable technology. Its automation functions include automatic feeding, dosing, bagging, filling, sealing, data printing, products output and a series of automatic functions, etc. According to users` requirement, it possesses automatic aligned function.

    This machine can be widely applied in automatic packing of food, medicine and chemical products in various materials, such as (drugs) granule, instant coffee, monosodium glutamate, white sugar, desiccant, etc. It can also be used in packing for powder, liquid and dense.


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